Recreation - Micro, U6, U7, and U8
The Recreation League (Rec) is a non-competitive league consisting of players from Under Four (Micro), Under Six (U6), Under Seven (U7), Under Eight (U8). Micro and U6 are co-ed, while U8 and older are split by gender. There is NO OFFSIDES in any Rec game.  

Eligibility: See the Registration page for eligibility requirements.

Seasons: Dracut Soccer plays two seasons per year - one in the Fall and another in the Spring, each with separate registration costs and registration periods. The Fall season begins mid September  and games are played through mid November. There will also be clinic style practice/games. The practice and game schedule will be posted on this web site prior to the start of the season. The players will also be contacted by their coach.

Cost: See the Registration page for registration time periods for early, standard, and late registration and the fee. For uniform costs, see below under the uniforms section.


Players: 4 per side with no goalkeeper. All players play equal amounts of time.

Field and Ball: The field dimensions shall be less than half of a standard soccer field for U8, and even smaller for U6/U7. For U8, there is a large popup goal and the ball is a size 4. For U6, the ball used is a size 3 soccer ball and the net will be a 2ft by 3ft popup with a half circle marking in front specifying a no touch zone.

Field Locations: See the fields page for field locations.

Duration of the Game: Games are held clinic style.

Cancellations: Cancellations will be posted on this web site, and coaches will make every effort to contact the players. We play in light rain, we do not play in lightning or muddy conditions. 

U6/U7   U8