Travel - U9, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18

The Travel League is a competitive league consisting of players from Under Ten (U10), through Under Eighteen (U18) in the Spring and through Under Fourteen (U14) in the fall. This differs from the Rec league in that there is a bigger commitment to play on a travel team because of the competitiveness, amount of travel, and number and length of practices. Players must try out for a travel team. Although games may be up to 45 minutes away, 1/2 of the games are played in Dracut.

Eligibility: See the Registration page for eligibility requirements.

Seasons: Dracut Soccer plays two seasons per year - one in the Fall and another in the Spring, each with separate registration costs and registration periods. The Spring season in Travel is the more competitive season. The Fall season begins mid September and games are played through mid November. There will also be practice two evenings during the week. The practice and game schedule will be posted on this web site prior to the start of the season. The players will also be contacted by their coach.

Cost: See the Registration page for registration time periods for early and standard registration, and the fees associated. For uniform costs, see below under the uniforms section.

Uniforms: Travel players purchase their uniform which includes their number on the back. Our Travel Soccer Uniform vendor, WeGotSoccer has launched a DSA Team Store for convenient online ordering of Travel Uniforms as well as specific items. The same uniform can be worn for multiple seasons (even when a player moves to a higher age group) unless a club-wide uniform change is announced. Resizing and purchasing additional uniforms is also available if a player outgrows or misplaces their uniform. Please email your online order questions to

Players: 6 per side in U10, 8 per side in U12, and 11 per side in U14 and U16 during play including the goalkeeper. All players ARE NOT required to play equal amounts of time, although most coaches play their players equally.

Field and Ball: The field dimensions shall be approximately 50 yards by 60 yards in 1/2 of a normal soccer field for U10, larger for U12, and full size fields for age groups above U12. For U10 , goals are 6ft tall and 4yds wide and the ball used is a size 4 soccer ball. For U12, the ball used is a size 4 soccer ball and the net will be either a full size net (8yards wide by 8ft high) or slightly smaller 8v8 regulation nets. Age groups above U12 will use a size 5 soccer ball and regulation size goals.

Field Locations: See the fields page for field locations.

Duration of the Game: The game shall be divided into two equal halves of 30 minutes each. There shall be a half-time break of five minutes.

Cancellations: Cancellations will be posted on this web site, and coaches will make every effort to contact the players. We play in light rain, we do not play in lightning or muddy conditions. 

Coaches: If you wish to be considered for a travel coaching position, you must apply for the job. In order for the DSA Board of directors to review your qualifications and vote on coaches, you must submit a 2016 Travel Coaching Application form. For the Fall season, the date to submit is usually mid May, and for the Spring season the due date is usually mid October.

Tryouts: Players should attend all the tryout dates in their age bracket so the coach can get the most accurate assessment. Players should also arrive ½ hour before the first tryout. In each age bracket we will attempt to field as many teams as there are players available to comprise teams. On-site registration is also only available at the first two tryout dates. U12 and older registrants should bring a 1” x 1” picture with them for use on MTOC team pass cards.

What Do we look for in a Tryout?


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