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U12 Grades 5/6
U14 Grades 7/8
High School Grades 9-11
Post Grad 12-PG2

What is the difference between Recreation and Travel Soccer?
The Travel League is a competitive league consisting of players from grade 3 through post high school children and teens. This differs from the Recreation League in that there is a bigger commitment to play on a travel team because of the competitiveness, amount of travel, and number and length of practices. Players must try out for a travel team.

Where are games played?
Half of the games will be played in Dracut at various field locations within the town. The remaining games will be played in the opposing team’s town, which could be up to 45 minutes away across the Essex Soccer League.

When are the games held?
Dracut Soccer plays two seasons per year – one in the Fall and another in the Spring, each with separate registration costs and registration periods.

The Spring Season begins in April and can run into June. This is a more competitive season when compared to the Fall. Following the regular season of scheduled games, teams with enough points in their division will be selected for either the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC), or a smaller scale championship tournament (Jamboree). Teams selected will play additional games until a winner is determined.

The Fall Season begins mid-September and games are played through mid-November. This is a developmental season with players matriculating into a new grade level learning some new rules and possibly playing on a larger playing field.

Do you cancel games?
Soccer is played in the rain. Cancellations will occur if the field conditions are not safe and/or unplayable. We do our best to give parents ample notice of cancellations, but it is not always possible as Mother Nature can be unpredictable.

Travel soccer games are typically made up, weather permitting. This process can drive games to be scheduled during the week. We strive to schedule these games during already scheduled practice times. However, we are juggling the schedule of a team coming from, or we are travelling to another town. We ask parents remain flexible to make up the games. We believe it is the best avenue to practice what the kids have learned.

Where do I find Uniforms?
Travel players purchase their uniform which includes their number on the back. Our Travel Soccer Uniform vendor, Red Brick Clothing has launched a DSA Team Store for convenient online ordering of Travel Uniforms as well as specific items. The same uniform can be worn for multiple seasons (even when a player moves to a higher age group) unless a club-wide uniform change is announced. Resizing and purchasing additional uniforms is also available if a player outgrows or misplaces their uniform. Please email your online order questions to

How many players will be on my child’s team?
How large is the field?
What size soccer ball should I purchase?

This information can be found through this link to the Essex County Youth Soccer Association.

How can I help?
Our entire league is organized and run by volunteers. We are in need of volunteers for many various duties. By having volunteers in the league, this allows us to keep fees low, and be able to offer such a successful and rewarding season for each child. Some areas in which we are in the largest need of volunteers are needed are Concessions, Field Preparation, Coaching, to name a few. The more volunteers we have the more successful our league. If you are interested in helping us by volunteering your valuable time, or have questions regarding any aspect of volunteering please email us at

For the protection of our children under Federal Laws the following is mandated:

  1. Adults must be CORI and National Background Check (NBG includes State and National Sex Offender Searches in its clearance status)
  2. You must complete the Safe Sport Abuse Prevention Training
  3. All coaches must complete the Concussion Training (CDC only)

You can complete this process by following this link: Dracut Background Check Process.


Email with any questions.

Travel Schedule

Travel League schedules can be found at Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Travel League questions can be directed to

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